**Join us each month as we highlight an MEI supported missionary in the Missionary Spotlight. Our format is simple and is the same for each missionary, giving you a little bit of insight into their life, their mission, and some ways to support them as they spread the Gospel to all nations. We hope you will take some time to read through them and respond as God prompts you. If you have any questions, wish to contact or donate to a particular missionary, but don’t know where to start, please feel free to contact us at admin@meigiving.org. **

MEI: Gerson, tell us a little about yourself / your family:

Gerson: I am the youngest of 8 brothers and the only one who dedicates his life to the missions. We grew up in the absence of our father, so we grew up alone with my mother; She guided us in Christianity from childhood. Today, although we do not live close by, we are very united and we are in constant communication, my brothers, after my obedience to come full time to missions, have seen miracles in their lives, both healing and provision and salvation in their children.

Because of that today I dedicate my life to the missions in the area of service, discipleship and community development.

MEI: How / When did you feel God’s call on your life to full time missions? Were there certain events or people God used to get you there?

Through dreams with places, the word of God, visions I received ten years ago and constant prayer, I received a call to the missions. I specifically remember when I was invited to preach to a church in a town, the church only had a roof, but no walls, I did not have money but I offered everything I had, the floor was dirt, insects flying and when I look at all that, I realized that it was what I was passionate about, preaching the gospel in such places and having compassion for people. Now my conviction is that the two dollars that I offered in that place have multiplied in the hands of Jesus, who daily supplies my needs, but everything was for the obedience of attending his call.

That’s why in the previous years, I ́ve been working with Youth with a Mission (YWAM) and God has brought me through a process of preparation where I have been able to practice how disciple the nations, and I ́ve been also developing my discipleship skills in the DTSs (Discipleship Training School) passing on the vision of God to others; this has been a great experience and a learning process of how to apply the leadership principles based on Jesus as a model. (Mathew 28:19-20. Mark 16:15).

MEI: What is your ministry? Who are the people you serve and what are their needs? What are some highlights from your time with them?

Right now, I am going into a deeper season, where I would like to highlight some characteristics of the heart that God is molding in me as Encourage others, to be intercessor, develop my pastoral calling, evangelism and becoming a mentor with the skaters community, sports ministries and refugees.(Jeremiah 1: 7-10).

The biggest motivation that I have behind preparing me is to be able to apply community development skill with the local church and address it to the community, waking up gifts and talents of many people who have not found their own roll within the church or their Community not taking into account their belief system, and this is based on Isaiah 61.

Getting to know the worldviews from other places can give us a better perspective to apply thing in our own culture, taking this into account there are several places that God is leading me to ad it goes along with His call to missions and this is mainly to get experience as a developer:

Community Development School outreach In UGANDA, AFRICA. (Mathew 10:16-20)

Exploratory trip to Ceuta, Spain to get involved with an Assemblies of God that has been working with refugees for 3 years already. (Acts 4:20-29)

This with the intention of sending teams of border missions as instruments for the Evangelisation of this city together with the local church.

Being part of “Impacto Liberia”, this is a sports camp and a bible distribution time that happens twice a year in Liberia, Costa Rica. We work alone with the churches to bring the Kingdom of God to this city. 2 Timothy 2:1-7

The previous steps go alone with the idea of moving to this city and start a project of development with the local churches, the skaters community, the communities and refugees, from Africa and Latin America, that are mobilized by Central America. (Acts 20:22-24).

MEI: How can we as fellow believers support you (tangible needs and prayer support) on this journey?

  • The main support is the prayer for my life, teammates and finances, because without a team of intercession it is impossible to carry out our work.
  • Property in Liberia Costa Rica, to go live in this city.
  • Personal transport
  • In the area of finance: for my basic needs of food, personal items, lodging, transportationand to be able to bless others.(Around $ 500 per month).
  • A computer, since mine stopped working.
  • Sports team for skaters to continue blessing our ministry and the guys who are growingup with us.