**Join us each month as we highlight an MEI supported missionary in the Missionary Spotlight. Our format is simple and is the same for each missionary, giving you a little bit of insight into their life, their mission, and some ways to support them as they spread the Gospel to all nations. We hope you will take some time to read through each of them and respond as God prompts you. If you have any questions, wish to contact or donate to a particular missionary, but don’t know where to start, please feel free to contact us at admin@meigiving.org. **

MEI: Camp Hope, tell us a little about yourself / your family:

Camp Hope: I was born in a Christian home where we always felt the love of God. I am the fourth of five siblings. As a small child I have always wanted a profession that allowed me to help people, especially children. Heal and help the development of them. That is why I decided to study medicine. I am an occupation therapist and health administrator. I started working at Camp Hope in 1994, helping the founder, Elena Vasconez. In 2002 they asked me to be the Executive director.

MEI: What is your ministry? Who are the people you serve and what are their needs? What are some highlights from your time with them?

Camp Hope: I work as the administrator giving daily care, medical help, and therapy, especially to the children who are in the orphanage. I work directly with the therapists, teachers, and all personnel coordinating the daily activities at the Center of Rehab where we see 37 children. I make an effort to have an ear for our personnel in their personal life, and at work.
I relate better and closer with the children at the orphanage because I live there at the orphanage.
Many of them see me as their mother. I try to see their concerns or fears and make them feel we are all a family. We have prayer and devotional time with them we are thankful for His blessings He gives us daily.

MEI: How can we as fellow believers support you (tangible needs and prayer support) on this journey?

Camp Hope: Please pray for the spiritual growth of the staff. Pray that we might always show Gods love to our personnel, volunteers and the families of the children that come to the Rehab Center. Pray that God gives us wisdom and strength and encouragement working in this ministry.
Pray that God will continue to supply financially to continue this ministry that is so valid and helps so many.