**Join us each month as we highlight an MEI supported missionary in the Missionary Spotlight. Our format is simple and is the same for each missionary, giving you a little bit of insight into their life, their mission, and some ways to support them as they spread the Gospel to all nations. We hope you will take some time to read through each of them and respond as God prompts you. If you have any questions or wish to contact or donate to a particular missionary, but don’t know where to start, please feel free to contact us at admin@meigiving.org. **


MEI: Hilaire, tell us a little about yourself / your family:

Hilaire: My name is Hilaire Bertrand Bakoume, I am a 32 years old,  married with no children. I was born in Édéa, in the littoral region of Cameroon to a family of 3 children. I have an older brother and a younger sister, my relationship with my parents is close and encouraging. My relatives and parents live in Cameroon. I like dancing; swimming and playing soccer. My favorite color is blue. I fluently speak French, English and my mother tongue.

My passion is caring for people beyond physical sickness that is actually also what persuaded me to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Primary Health Care from the University of Nations. In addition, I am a certified basic ambulance assistant in South Africa where I was trained as Basic Emergency Medical Technician. Whilst studying I also worked as the primary health care school’s Leader at Youth With A Mission in Worcester where I gained valuable relational skills in working with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. My know- how focuses on primary medical care and emergencies; I have a profound interest in the holistic health of a person.

MEI:How / when did you feel God’s call on your life to full time missions? Were there certain events or people God used to get you there?

Hilaire: I departed from Cameroon in June 2008 to YWAM Worcester, South Africa after completing my DTS with the ultimate desire to pursue study in primary health care. I never imagined myself joining a mission organization for a lifetime but surprisingly I decided to stay after my first course to staff on the next school. Eventually I kept on staffing until one day I decided not to continue with all these heart-breaking medical mission trips that I had been on because I felt alone with no one to share and more so with no advanced education and skills to provide better care. I was disappointed with myself and frustrated at God. One day, as I was looking at some of the pictures I had taken during my previous outreach trips, I found one that captured my attention it was actually a child with tears running on his cheeks but with a smile shining on the face at the same time. There and then, I heard God saying to me, “Hilaire don’t give up now I want to use you to bring hope and healing in the life of people.” I felt this scripture (in proverbs17:22 – A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.) Sinking inside my heart and becoming so warm that I became convinced that God was calling me for a greater purpose. He wanted me to serve him as a missionary.

MEI: What is your ministry? Who are the people you serve and what are their needs? What are some highlights from your time with them?

Hilaire: My ministry is called “Healing Joy Missions”. Our vision is an Africa in which every person will access complete physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health care; to help community-led development even in the most remote areas of the continent.

Our three main goals are focused on:

  •   Health: To promote health care in the way that meets not merely the physical but also the mental, emotional and spiritual need of healing and contributes to the development of every person.
  •   Education: To equip every person with basic life-saving knowledge and skills to prevent diseases, promote recovery and to preserve life.
  •   Development: To passionately love every individual, being culturally appropriate and sensitive whilst striving to strengthen community-led initiatives through simple acts of service and cheerful donations.

The people we serve are orphans, sick and injured people especially those living in remote areas who cannot afford the cost of medical care. Their needs are beds, mattresses, basic medical supplies for treatment of minor tropical diseases and first-aid care, health education, counseling, and more workers as well. My highlights, after one of our teaching times on the importance of hand washing, were to see how committed and supportive to one another the children are about washing their hands to prevent diseases. I admire their passion for prayer during our activities and they are eager to learn from us even when they feel hungry! In the past, I have seen some people of the community walk miles to get to the clinic where I once worked in Togo just because they expected me to pray for them after consulting and treating them. I feel glad to see people putting their hope for healing beyond physical care administered to them by acknowledging that God is able to restore them.

MEI: How can we as fellow believers support you (tangibly and prayerfully) on this journey?

Hilaire: We would like to receive funds to be able to purchase the following supplies:

  • New beds and mattresses for children living in the orphanage
  • Basic medicine for treatment of common tropical health problems
  • First Aid training equipment and teaching materials
  • Computers
  • Projectors
  • A vehicle for transportation
  • Or any donated resource from your place will be much appreciated if it is an option to you to some extends.

These specific resources will help run some of our activities and meet our objectives of strengthening orphanages caregivers’ capacity in providing home-based care to children in order to preserve life and promote quick recovery and helping equip people with first –aid knowhow.

Please keep us in your prayers, this particular orphanage needs more workers, so pray that we inspire many more people to join and volunteer their time to invest in these childrens lives. We are planning to run a first-aid training to equip people with simple knowledge and skills to save life. So pray with us to get a facility and all necessary resources.

I will stop here and hope that this answer gives you more information about what we do and how others can join and walk alongside us in this mission journey!