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What We Do

Mission Enablers International (MEI) serves as a catalyst for seeing broad-based, relational and committed support teams develop around trained and proven volunteers serving in the most desperate and needy places in the world. We believe these personal and interactive relationships promote the type of ongoing, consistent support that provides accountability and stability for the volunteer.

MEI does not create its own projects but seeks out and assists those who already have a proven record of accomplishment but need help in fulfilling their vision. MEI invests in each project through three primary activities: Preparation, Partnership and Practical Assistance.


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Through assistance and direction of the GoTeam Ministry, MEI provides necessary training for a volunteer’s long-term success and stability in the area of support development. Much more than a set of simple fund-raising techniques, the GoTeam curriculum is a broad-based, comprehensive platform that encourages new ways of thinking, believing and relating.

Mission Enablers International is connecting support partners with proven mission volunteers to impact the most desperate and needy places. We do this through training, support services and relationships.


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Personal connection happens on different levels. Casual connections come from being in the same place at the same time. But the deeper connections spring from shared vision, values, experiences and dreams. These connections result from conscientious choices made about what we believe and who we want to be. MEI understands that these types of relationships are essential for real, lasting progress.

God is raising up a generation of volunteers for His army that will extend His Kingdom in the most difficult and hard places. These volunteers are touching injustice issues in every sphere of life with Biblical truth.

Practical Assistance

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There are great people selflessly serving and meeting needs. These unsung heroes, often restricted by the absence of a few essential relationships, can excel through encouragement. In these situations, MEI provides practical assistance in a variety of areas; including fund-processing, strategic planning, and special event coordination.

Read the FAQs below, if you would like information about MEI donor processing services for individuals, ministries and international ministries.