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Words of Encouragement

See below for few thoughts from Andy Huddleston, President of MEI.

Communicating Well

Nothing can replace regular, quality communication with our Go-Team.  Our team members are central to our network of financial and prayer support; quality communication is their connection to us and our mission field.  These relationships are Biblical and mutually beneficial.  Proverbs tells us that “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”  (27:17)   Communication between each of us SHARPENs and readies us for our God-given mission. The acronym SHARPEN will provide a reminder of the forms of communication we can regularly employ.

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Annual Renewals

Each January, all ministries and associates are required to complete the annual renewal.

A Word from Andy

MEI Oct. 2021 Presidents Update

My office is wallpapered with maps. I have always loved maps. “Go into all the world” means serving in the countries where the unreached live. Matt. 9:37-38 has been my heartbeat and conviction for going into all the world. Most recently, I led a team of eight to Costa Rica to build a pole-barn for a ministry. It was great!

The scripture in II Peter 3:12 tells us that we should be looking for and hastening the coming day of the Lord, even though the heavens will be destroyed by burning, and the earth will melt with intense heat! Verse 13 promises there will be new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells. Don’t lose sight of these promises in your hard work and service. Join me in praying for all to hear the gospel!

I’m happy to report that MEI’s records show that giving continues to rise, currently up by more than 25%. Thank you, Lord! Covid-19 has been a wake-up call, stirring many to be supportive of their missionaries and ministries. Do your best to post on social media, write emails, and send out newsletter updates. Include photos, video clips, and praise reports when possible. Donors need to know their investments count. I know communication is extra work, but keep in mind these are your supporters. Ministry is made possible through their partnership. Take time and give your key donors or church mission directors a phone call to say, “thank you”.

Consider that over 40% of all donations that come into MEI are via envelopes. This is most true of older supporters. They like reading letters and newsletter updates. Hard-copy newsletters can be the most costly and time-consuming form of communication. If you need a service to help with your hard-copy “snail mail” letters, check out

“Your consistent communication with your financial partners is vital to fuel your ministry. Helping you stay connected without taking time away from your work is our top priority. We were founded 19 years ago by the father of a missionary who has a heart to help you at an affordable cost. We are here to serve you through designing, printing, and shipping your prayer letters. Your first order comes with a 10% discount. Please visit us at
The era we’re living in is turbulent and unsettling. The world is getting darker every day, as Jesus said it would in the end times. We are to take courage (Heb. 10:35-39) and keep up the good work. Know that the MEI staff is here to help you, answer donor questions, and encourage you. Be sure to share about MEI with other missionaries who need a support service. It’s easy and fast.

I pray that your present ministry time is blessed and prosperous as you work to close out the year. He is faithful! Amen.

I have just finished a great book by Hugh and Kathy Ross titled Always be Ready. This book encourages us to have biblical answers for the lost and the skeptic. Dr. Ross has some wonderful books on how science and faith fit together perfectly. His books are thought-provoking and inspiring. His website is: