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The Harvest Is Plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His Harvest. Matthew 9: 37-38

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February 27, 2024 Angela Lathrom

Remembering the Tanzanian Bus Tragedy

To die is gain.

We base our very life on that principle of death.

We wouldn’t waiver in our conviction that that is gospel truth. But when a loved one, a dear friend, suddenly passes from this life it can be one of the hardest truths to face. If death is gain why can it bring those who love and trust Jesus to their knees in grief? Why can it consume thoughts, and overwhelm hearts? How can a mortal loss, if truly gain, suck a Believer into an abyss of grief and depression?

Sweet Surrender - Andys Testimony

August 1, 2022 Andy Huddleston

Andy's Testimony - Part 1

“I don’t think I can do this for the rest of my life.”

Sitting in the undersized, modular desk in a DC electrical circuit vocational training class is an odd place to have an epiphany. I knew this career path would likely lead me to a promising career with the probability of security and plenty of money. I liked the idea in theory but the reality was I wanted something more. The question was: what?

Looking up at the gridwork of ceiling tiles in the classroom gave me a sense of looking heavenward. I said a simple prayer.

“God if you love me you’ll show me the purpose in my life. I sincerely want to know it. I will follow your direction if you show me the way,” I vowed. “The ball is in your court. Amen.”

You said Yes. Now what

July 21, 2022 Andy Huddleston

You Said Yes, So Now What?

I have found in my walk with the Lord that He is working in our hearts to bring us to action points: a decision of some type of action in our lives. He is working in our minds and circumstances to do His good pleasure, while trying to help us understand what that is. It could be as practical as attending a local church, joining a Bible study, sharing about the Lord at work, or even considering a change in career. This internal conviction, with hours of thinking, re-thinking, praying and searching the scriptures, is part of understanding His work inside of us.

Flights Cancelled.png

January 21, 2021 Angela Lathrom

Idling in Faith

Many of us face the same frustration, idling in place, trying to figure out what God has for us in a worldwide pandemic. Can witnessing to neighbors, leading Bible studies online, showing mercy for the hurting and hungry without making face-to-face contact, or resting and praying be called missions?