**Join us each month as we highlight an MEI supported missionary in the Missionary Spotlight. Our format is simple and is the same for each missionary, giving you a little bit of insight into their life, their mission, and some ways to support them as they spread the Gospel to all nations. We hope you will take some time to read through each of them and respond as God prompts you. If you have any questions or wish to contact or donate to a particular missionary, but don’t know where to start, please feel free to contact us at admin@meigiving.org. **


MEI: Hannah, tell us a little about yourself / your family:

Hannah: I’m in my mid-twenties, the youngest of three children, and a child of missionary parents. My whole childhood was spent overseas in Ecuador, Ukraine, and Russia. From a young age, I’ve had a desire for ministry through tangible ways of helping people. I am a nurse, and currently pursuing midwifery. I hope to use these gifts as a means for ministry among the unreached

MEI: How / when did you feel God’s call on your life to full time missions? Were there certain events or people God used to get you there?

Hannah: I grew up immersed in the “missions culture” and was always interested in mission work, but did not feel a strong calling until I was 16 years old. The Lord used the book Jesus Freaks by D.C. Talk to awaken me as a teenager to the current needs on the mission field. God also used the course Perspectives on the World Christian Movement to solidify my understanding and desire for future mission work.

Because of that calling, I decided to pursue the medical field as a stepping stone for future mission work. I first pursued nursing and through my time in nursing school, God started showing me how midwifery could be used on the mission field as well.

MEI: What is your ministry? Who are the people you serve and what are their needs? What are some highlights from your time with them?

Hannah: I am currently working and training as a midwife at a maternity clinic in Davao City, Philippines at Mercy Maternity Center. It is a 2-and-a-half-year program that will allow me to obtain my midwifery license in the US, but at the same time train me to use midwifery on the mission field in more low resource settings. After my training and licensing is done, my desire is to work overseas on the mission field in a place where maternity care and the Gospel is needed. Mercy Maternity Center itself is a ministry, located in the poorer area of Davao City. It is reduced price or even free for some to use the services offered. Patients receive Gospel messages and we are able to pray with them when they come for prenatal visits. We are also able to pray with them at birth, or even visit them in their homes and pray and share with them there. The patients are from varying backgrounds, from Catholic to Muslim.

 MEI: How can we as fellow believers support you (tangibly and prayerfully) on this journey?

Hannah: I have only been here in the Philippines for a few months. I am still learning language and culture, and learning the system at the Mercy Maternity Center. Please pray for me to grasp the language well, so I can communicate with my patients well. Please also pray for me as I seek the Lord in what is the next step for me after this training. My desire is to work among an unreached people, wherever the Lord may lead.