*Tell us about yourself and your family.

I am Jacob and I come from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I first became involved with YWAM after high school when God transformed my life through a Discipleship Training School onboard a hospital ship in West Africa. Ever since then I have centered my life around the study of His Word. This began with attending a School of Biblical Studies, then to three years of teaching the Bible followed by two years of language learning and eventually to studying two masters’ degrees in Old Testament and New Testament Studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts. It is my conviction that the Bible is the foundation of our relationship with God and it is my passion to make Him known through teaching his Word.

I am Zabdi and I am an Industrial Designer coming from Mexico City. I enjoy creating spaces, furniture, and various objects that help people have a better quality of life. I’m used to working in the business world although I have my father’s example who gave up a very successful career to become a pastor. My family and I have experienced that there is nothing better than giving your life and talents to the service of God. That is why I am happy to have design as a secondary pursuit which supports and enhances our work in God’s mission. At seminary it has been my pleasure to audit numerous classes with Jacob in addition to contributing to the life of our church and community in different ways.

*Give us a short description of your ministry and some of the highlights.

Quebec is considered the largest unreached people group in North America with less than 1% identifying themselves as Evangelical Christians.

– We will help to establish a School of Biblical Studies in French and English with YWAM in Dunham, Quebec.
• The SBS is a nine-month course where students study every passage of every book of the Bible, allowing it to shape their worldview and transform their lives.
• Students are taught an inductive method of study where they learn to carefully observe what the text says, interpret what it means, apply it to their lives, and share it with others.
• Students primarily come from Canada, France, and Switzerland (which share a similar spiritual heritage).
• This school in Quebec will be the first one offered in French outside Africa.

– We will support and serve in the local church with the gifts that God has given us.
– We will be intentional about forming relationships in the local community with the purpose of sharing the love of God with them.

*How can we, as fellow believers, support your work?

  • Praying for this ministry.
    • Giving monthly or annually.
    • Donating tools and services.

*Please share a miracle story of how God is blessing your ministry.

The students in the school are required to do certain hours of “social service” in the community. There is a woman that has a stable and a kid with disabilities and one of the students went to offer her help. She accepted the help with the condition that the student wouldn’t talk about faith (as she knew the student was coming from a Christian school). After some days, the student started helping her extra hours because he saw that the woman had a lot of needs. After several days, the woman said to the boy “I’ve been noticing that you really care for me, you are not doing this just because it is a requirement from your school… and I want to know why?”. This was the opening for the kid to share about Christ and how He loves us, came to die for us and gives us eternal life. That’s why we love others, because He loved us first!