*Tell us about yourself and your family.

Darius, his wife Suendy and daughter Grace have been serving in Mexico for 11 years. Darius is from Alaska, Suendy from Cancun, Mexico. They met 15 years ago when Darius was on a missions trip to Mexico and Suendy served with the team as a translator. They have been serving as leaders in Youth With A Mission, YWAM Cancun ever since.

*Give us a short description of your ministry and some of the highlights.

YWAM Cancun is a ministry focused on training up youth into full time service of the Lord. Another one of our main focuses has been Community Development in a community called Cuna Maya. We run a weekend education program reaching out to over 150 kids, build homes, have food and clothing distributions, run medical and dental teams and evangelism/discipleship programs.

*How can we, as fellow believers, support your work?

We have a desire to increase our impact upon the local communities. As our ministry grows, so does the need for further materials for the various community development projects. Please consider joining in on that.

*Please share a miracle story of how God is blessing your ministry.

When we began the work, we met a man with diabetes, he was scheduled for surgery to remove his foot due to his health issues. With a team we went to visit him and pray with him. He then went to the hospital to prep for the surgery, and through the night he said a doctor came in to check on him, and this doctor told him to not worry, but that his foot would heal. The next morning the surgery was cancelled as a result of his foot being healed. Through this process the man re-established a relationship with the Lord and his 3 grandchildren became part of our weekend children’s ministry.