Mission Enablers International is an IRS tax-exempt, fully compliant, verifiable and in good standing Non-Profit Organization.  Established in Texas, MEI has been in operation since the year 2000.  The Founder/President and his wife have been in ministry for over 40 years.

All qualifying donations regardless of size to each of our individuals and ministries receive a valid and legal tax receipt at the end of each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for an MEI account?

-Anyone with a testimony of putting personal faith in Jesus Christ.  Individuals should have a heart’s desire or calling to take the salvation message of Jesus to the unreached, nationally or internationally.  We ask for a pastoral reference and personal reference to process an application for all MEI accounts.

How fast are donations processed?

-MEI processes donations weekly.  We also provide a report for these donations to each account holder.  Some donations might require additional banking time due to size or conversion status.

Do donors receive a confirmation e-mail when giving?

-All online donations receive an e-receipt upon successful completion of the gift.  Donations are processed and verified before being added to a weekly support report.

Does the MEI Associate receive a notification of a donation being made to their account?

-Each associate receiving support will be notified via email-reporting during the week the payment is sent.  Additional questions about support can be sent to admin@meigiving.org.

Do you offer MEI accounts to internationals?

-Yes, the vision for MEI is to help anyone called to step out with hearts and hands to serve by bringing the gospel to the lost.  We ask for a pastoral reference and personal reference to process an application for all MEI accounts.

How does MEI transfer donations to the associate?

-There are several ways to transfer donations to our dedicated mission volunteer agents- Direct Deposit in the USA, Paypal, and International Wire Transfer.

Are there countries from which MEI will not accept associate applications?

-Please contact admin@meigiving.org if you have questions about your eligibility.


Does MEI process donations for ministry projects?

-Yes, MEI works with organizations and ministries for various donor processing needs.  No matter the size of your ministry, we can help.

What is the administration fee for processing donations with MEI?

-We make every effort to keep the admin fees to a minimum.  MEI has a 3.5% administration fee.  All credit card fees or additional banking fees are also applied.  Special donations such as stocks, gifts-in-kind or property transfers must be pre-arranged and may be subject to an additional fee.

What is the best way to contact MEI with questions?

-Often we are told, “its nice that someone answers the phone” so we make every effort to take calls and answer e-mails promptly.  Visit the Contact Us page for details.

Does MEI share my information?

-MEI does not share your financial details, personal details or contact information.